Our Cloth Diapering Plan
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The First Couple of Weeks


I know that time is going to go by so fast. Dashiell will only be this teeny for a short time and we'll probably forget there was ever a time we didn't know how to put on a diaper. Here are some things that I want to remember about these first couple weeks with Dashiell:

+ In the first couple of days home from the hospital peanut butter and banana sandwiches were a staple and were so delicious and filling. I was ravenous! Chris would make them for me and feed them to me while I nursed.

+ In the morning when Dashiell first wakes up Chris makes me toast and brings it to me in bed as I nurse.

+ During middle of the night feedings Chris and I sometimes play Farkel together on an iPhone to pass the time.

+ To keep our spirits up about the lack of sleep we're getting at night, Chris refers to each night as "Our Nighttime Adventure".

+ It felt so great the first time I was able to blow-dry my hair and wear "real clothes" (i.e. not pajamas). It was when we went back to the hospital for Dashiell's one week PKU test.


+ I'm really enjoying not being pregnant and huge and can't believe how quickly my body is changing and looking similar to my old self.

+ I love that my ankles and feet aren't swollen. 

+ I love that I don't have heartburn and can eat big meals again.

+ I love that I dont have to pee every 15-30 minutes.

+ Several people have brought us scones and muffins from the Coffee Shop (they know us well). Knowing that I'll be getting a Coffee Shop treat the next morning is such a comfort when I'm exhausted during a middle of the night nursing.

+ Nursing has been really painful but is getting a little bit better. Still, I've never considered giving up and I feel very lucky that I'm able to breastfeed.

+ At our first pediatrician appointment, Dashiell spit up all over the examining table.

+While I'm nursing and holding Dashiell I look at pictures and videos of him on my phone. Can't get enough.


+ One day I was in the bathroom while Chris changed Dashiell's diaper. I heard Chris yell out, "Oh no...oh no...OH NO!" Dashiell had peed everywhere including all over himself.

+ I'm getting pretty good at typing and texting with one hand.

+ My first solo outing with Dashiell was to a breastfeeding support group and I was nervous. I used our mei tai carrier on my own and was able to breastfeed and change a diaper during the group. It was a little stressful but I was proud I was able to do it.

+ I get weepy and emotional most evenings around 5 but I always feel better in the morning. 

+ I came into the bedroom after napping on the couch one day to find Chris humming and beat-boxing to Dashiell which tapping him on the chest to teach him rhythm.

+ Getting very little sleep, and only in 1 to 3 hour chunks, is tough.

+ So far I haven't felt restless; I just love being at home and near Dashiell.

+ But sometimes it does feel strange not to have much structure to our days.


+ Chris is an amazing father and partner, I couldn't ask for someone more supportive or committed to Dashiell and I feel so fortunate that Chris is able to be off work with me. This would all be so much harder without him at home.

+ When Dashiell gets really hungry and I'm getting ready to nurse him he starts breathing rapidly and turning his head back and forth and opening and closing his mouth. It's so funny but also a little scary to have that little barracuda mouth coming at my nipple!

+ I'm so thankful for all my friends who are mothers and the other women from our group midwife appointments. They have been a wonderful support system and I love that I have people to text/Facebook with at all hours of the day and night.