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Nursery Tour

I'm so excited to finally let you peek inside our baby's nursery! We chose the bedroom that was my office because it's the largest of our three extra bedrooms and it gets great natural light. We never had a theme in mind but we really liked the Montessori approach of having the room be very child-centered and uncluttered. Other than that we wanted it to be beautiful and bright. Our inspiration is from Henry, Finn, and Otis's rooms.

We are so so please with how it turned out! The room feels like "us" and we love just hanging out there even though our little guy isn't out in the world with us yet.

When you walk in the room this is what you see:


Some of you might recognize the Austin skyline!! My very talented mother-in-law designed the mural and she and Chris painted it. We had the idea of a city skyline and were thinking of just having something generic but then thought it would be so fun to have it be a city that we love. I love that we can teach our baby to recognize the UT Tower, Frost building, and capitol even though we're in Arizona.


We bought the glider off Craigslist for $40 and Chris spray painted it white. The cushions are (almost) recovered with fabric from IKEA. It's almost because it's actually just pinned for now but I have a lead on a seamstress...this was one thing I just had to let go from my own to-do list.



As a homage to Chris's love of farms and veggies there's a happy farm in the corner by the movement mat and mirror. This set up is inspired by the Montessori movement mat and mirror in Henry's nursery. The mirror is an acrylic mirror that I ordered online from Home Depot. Then I bought a frame at Michael's and had the custom frame shop frame the mirror (the frame was 50% off and the custom framing was 60% off!). Then we drilled the frame into the wall and used drywall anchors. All ready for tummy time!

I love all of the handmade love in the room. The beautiful blanket on the floor was made by one of my best girl friends in Austin; I've known her since the second grade! The green blanket on the crib was knit by my mother-in-law (as was the white blanket on the glider) and Sara and Henry made the white and blue blanket on the crib! 


I crafted the mobile above the crib using this tutorial. It came together pretty easily in just two afternoons although the tutorial leaves out a lot of details so if you plan to use the same one read it through a few times and email me if you have any questions! 



Just above the crib we placed a decal from Shanna Murray. I wanted to set up a Montessori floor bed like Sara uses but because we get a few scorprions in the house each summer we weren't comfortable having our infant so close to the floor when he's tiny. Our plan is to buy or build a simple floor bed frame and transition him to a floor bed when he's about one. So for now we have the same crib that John and Sherry bought. The extra drawer storage on the bottom is very handy for extra blankets and crib sheets.


Next to the door we hung a Le Petit Prince knob hanger that I bought years ago at Toy Joy in Austin. Below that is an adorable little chair that was a gift from good friends in the Bay Area. When he's old enough our toddler (?!) will be able to come into his room and hang up a jacket and take off his shoes. I like how Chris staged it to make it look like the little guy just got home from work and hung up his cap and took off his shoes. (Noted: we still need outlet covers!)


Above the chair and next to the door is a framed "Vivacious Veggies" print that I gave to Chris for Valentine's day this year.


We wanted to take advantage of the build-in shelving that we have in the closet so we left the closet doors off and are intentionally not acquiring too much stuff. On the floor there's a basket for books and next to that is the awesome Weerol that I bought through a Kickstarter campaign that a friend told me about. We plan to rotate toys and books so that our son stays interested in what's available and so that the room doesn't become cluttered and is easy for us/him to keep tidy (when he's old enough).


Our infant toys include a Texas teether and a set of beautiful Montessori infant toys from Erica.


The guitar pillow is something that Chris made when he was in 6th grade! I'd like to fix the stitching so that our baby can rock out on it in a few years just like Chris used to...

So that's the space waiting for our little one whenever he decides to arrive!