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I'm so excited to finally let you peek inside our baby's nursery! We chose the bedroom that was my office because it's the largest of our three extra bedrooms and it gets great natural light. We never had a theme in mind but we really liked the Montessori approach of having the room be very child-centered and uncluttered. Other than that we wanted it to be beautiful and bright. Our inspiration is from Henry, Finn, and Otis's rooms. We are so so please with how it turned out! The room feels like "us" and we love just hanging out there... Read more →

36 weeks through my pregnancy! Oh my, oh my. The final countdown. Which is also what Chris titled the calendar that he wrote on our laundry room message board. He likes to remind me that the baby could arrive "Any day now!" Although I'm still sticking to the due window approach and hope to calmly breeze into April and to whatever date this baby decides is his day. While I've had a wonderfully uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy I am definitely experiencing discomforts as I'm getting bigger. The hardest thing for me right now is being at work all day. My... Read more →

34 weeks through this pregnancy. This picture is actually a week late, I'll be 35 weeks this week! February was a busy month, as I expected it to be, and I haven't been able to make blogging a priority. I've been losing track of how many weeks along I am but Chris always remembers. He'll say, "We're almost 35 weeks...just two more until full term." He is so excited to have this baby in his arms. Our babymoon at The Clarendon was perfect. We had happy hour and played cards and Farkel at Gallo Blanco over guacamole and then had... Read more →