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32 weeks (8 months) pregnant and just about 8 or so weeks to go! I have one friend in Austin who is due in March and then I'm next in the long line of my friends to have a baby. I'm 95% crazy excited and about 5% ohmygosh!! I just can't believe it will be here so soon. That we'll be meeting this little baby boy that's been kicking around in my stomach, who will be our son, and that we'll be parents. I can't wait to know what he looks like and to see his personality develop. Who is... Read more →

Last weekend Chris and I went to Austin one last time before the baby arrives and I attended my baby shower! It was so good to be home. I was able to see many good friends and family members and it was so fun to celebrate my pregnancy with everyone. At my shower there were FIVE other gals who are pregnant (including Sara!) and our due dates are March, April, May, June, July, and August. How amazing and awesome is that? Chris and I were certainly showered with gifts and came home with baby clothes, books, toys, swaddles, changing pad,... Read more →

There are lots of adorable little babies being born around here which means lots of new parents who could use a little help. I love to drop off a meal to new parents as a way to help out without taking up much of their you get to peek at that new little bundle of cuteness. I first started doing this because my bookclub organizes a "food train" when someone in our group has a baby. We use the website Food Tidings to organize the food train and each sign up to take a meal or two to the... Read more →

Only two months left until April! Can't believe it but so excited. This month is short but we're packing some fun things in: we're traveling to Austin for a long weekend, hosting our friends from the Bay Area for a few days, and going on a little stay-cation babymoon in downtown Phoenix. This month I want to knock a few more things off our mega pre-baby list but balance that with savoring these last weeks of just Chris and me and not yet having the responsibility of a little one. In February I will be present and also plan to:... Read more →