30 Weeks
Red Beans & Rice

Goals - February 2013


Only two months left until April! Can't believe it but so excited. This month is short but we're packing some fun things in: we're traveling to Austin for a long weekend, hosting our friends from the Bay Area for a few days, and going on a little stay-cation babymoon in downtown Phoenix. This month I want to knock a few more things off our mega pre-baby list but balance that with savoring these last weeks of just Chris and me and not yet having the responsibility of a little one.

In February I will be present and also plan to:

+ Finish the baby's room. I'm hosting a brunch and nursery tour for my girl friends in early March so the room has to be done by then! Still left to do are the glider cushions, a final closet organization, making a mobile for above the crib, putting up art on the walls, and buying and installing an acrylic mirror next to a movement mat.

+ Continue to stretch and do labor exercises everyday. Stretching feels sooo good, this one is pretty easy to keep up.

+ Register for a baby CPR and infant care class.

+ Start freezing meals to have on hand those few weeks after the baby's born.

Happy February!