Austin Weekend
34 Weeks

32 Weeks


32 weeks (8 months) pregnant and just about 8 or so weeks to go! I have one friend in Austin who is due in March and then I'm next in the long line of my friends to have a baby. I'm 95% crazy excited and about 5% ohmygosh!! I just can't believe it will be here so soon. That we'll be meeting this little baby boy that's been kicking around in my stomach, who will be our son, and that we'll be parents. I can't wait to know what he looks like and to see his personality develop. Who is this person going to be that we're going to love with all of our hearts?

Although I'm generally still feeling really good I'm also feeling pregnant (surprise!). My belly is there, and in the way, when I need to pick something up on the floor, when I change sleeping positions in the middle of the night, when I stretch and reach for my toes, and definitely as I'm trying to figure out what to wear. 

I don't look forward to sitting at work all day. Some days my ankles get swollen and others not, I can't figure out to prevent it. I'm starting to think that I can't. I rotate sitting in my chair and bouncing on an exercise ball; I drink lots of water and get up and stretch throughout the day. On the days that I work out in the mornings sometimes they are better and sometimes not. I think this is just part of it. It feels so good to come home at the end of the day and put my feet up. Ahhhhh.

We're making progress on getting things done. We'll be registering at a day care next week, we've been handling HR paperwork so that we can both be home full-time when the baby comes, we bought a crib mattress, and we're meeting a pediatrician in two weeks.

Right now I'm looking forward to completing the baby room over the next couple of weeks and hosting a brunch and nursery tour for my girlfriends in early March. Chris and I also have our babymoon next weekend!