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January 2013

Chris and I love to be prepared financially (as you know). For the past couple of years we'd been talking about how we could afford to have a family one day. At the time we were focused on the scenario of me staying home from work for a year or more and being a one income family. We though this might work once Chris has tenure and gets a raise (fall 2014) but it was still a stretch to maintain savings and keep up with current expenses. It was a bit stressful to think of how it could all work... Read more →

My calendar for January so far is wonderfully empty. I'm going to try to leave it that way as much as I can in recognition that being present means not scheduling all my free time away. In January I will be present and also plan to: + Start a recipe binder. To organize our meal planning and grocery shopping I've decided I need a binder to keep all the recipes that I rip our from magazines and print from online. This will kick start my organizing system! + Make new cushions for the nursery glider. We found a great glider... Read more →

Six and a half months now and I'm still loving being pregnant. And I'm definitely starting to feel more pregnant. Until now I've felt bigger but usually I still felt like myself and my size didn't impede my normal movements. That's changing. In just the past week my belly has become much more noticeable to me (and maybe to others!). As in, it's in the way when I bend over, I have to use some extra oomph to get up off the couch or ground, and it's big enough that I'm finding myself rubbing it mindlessly all the time. I... Read more →

Trying something a little different for 2013. I still have goals for the year but I also wanted to incorporate an over-arching goal or mindset summed up in a simple phrase (inspired by Elise). In 2013 I want to be present. I try to be mindful of appreciating what I'm currently doing but I can do better and it seems especially important to make it a habit this year. + During the last few months of my pregnancy I want be present and enjoy the special closeness with my baby before he comes into the world. + I want to... Read more →

Happy new year from all four of us! A new year, a fresh start. I love this chance to reflect on how I want to spend my time during the year and what I can do to live my life the way I want. Chris and I both make yearly goals now and post them on the side of the fridge and I'm usually pleasantly surprised to see how much we're able to do in one year. There are other goals that become less important to me (like going on more hikes in 2012) and I don't force myself to... Read more →