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Goals - January 2013


My calendar for January so far is wonderfully empty. I'm going to try to leave it that way as much as I can in recognition that being present means not scheduling all my free time away.

In January I will be present and also plan to:

+ Start a recipe binder. To organize our meal planning and grocery shopping I've decided I need a binder to keep all the recipes that I rip our from magazines and print from online. This will kick start my organizing system! 

+ Make new cushions for the nursery glider. We found a great glider on Craigslist for the nursery (just $40!) but the cushions have got to go. I'm going to get together with my mother-in-law to make new cushions with a fun fabric.

+ Stretch and do labor exercises everyday. As I continue to grow doing stretches and labor exercises recommended in our Bradley classes is going to be so important. Plus heading back to work means sitting at my desk for long hours. I've had no ankle swelling or calf cramps since being off work for nearly two weeks so I'm thinking those might be due to sitting. Just 5 minutes everyday before bed is completely do-able and could make a big difference.

+ Have my in-laws over for coffee. Chris and I let our schedules fill up and don't always get together with his family as much as we'd like. We recently had Chris's parents over for coffee one Sunday morning and we wondered why we don't do it more often. I'd love to try to have them over once a month so that we at least see them that often.

Happy January!