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Goals - February 2013

30 Weeks


30 weeks through this pregnancy...just about 10 weeks left!! It's starting to feel really close; we'll have our baby in our arms in less than three months. 

Last week I took my glucose test (and didn't think the drink was nearly as bad as most people have said; just tasted like gatorade to me) and we had a final ultrasound. During the ultrasound we were able to see our baby's heart - all four chambers beating away - kidneys, bladder, and spine. So amazing! Everything perfectly formed and so tiny. When the ultrasound tech moved to his face she turned the machine to 3D, which we weren't expecting, and there was his face! Our little baby's face! With fat cheeks, lips, eyes, and nose; the little person that's been growing inside of me. Seeing his face brought a new dimension of "realness" to the pregnancy and being so close to meeting my son. Of course I got teary. 

Most nights I'm sleeping well, especially since I started taking something stronger than Tums for my heartburn (with approval from my midwife, of course) which was waking me up at least once a night. My weekend naps seems to be returning too. It's nothing like the fatigue that I experienced in the first trimester but I'm listening to my body and getting sleep while I can.

Just this past weekend I also finally got some new workout pants for spin class that have a wonderfully stretchy waistband (thank you, Chris!). So overdue. Somehow I've still been wearing my pre-pregnancy spandex capris and my belly was really protesting. 

Although Chris and I are getting so eager to meet our baby we're also making the most of the time just the two of us. We've been spending our evenings listening to music, playing board and card games, and reading. I love the how much the television has been off. Without discussing it we both seem to be making an effort to be very present with each other.

Right now I'm so looking forward to going home to Austin for a baby shower where I'll get to see family and so many good friends. It'll be our last trip to Austin without a little one in tow!