Choosing care providers for pregnancy and birth
Wanted: A better meal planning system

28 Weeks


28 weeks along now and officially in the third trimester! Really getting up there. And my belly is getting out there. Strangers don't hesitate to ask, "When are you due?" although still no random belly rubs. I've officially hit 20 pounds gained! And feeling good. My belly button is flattening out and I'm wondering if and when it will pop out...

I've left all my non-maternity pants (except for stretchy leggings) behind. I bought two pairs of maternity work pants over the holidays (oh the comfort of spandex!) and haven't attempted the bella band since. Once you can't zip a pair of pants very far the bella band is only so comfortable. On the weekends I live in leggings or my full panel skinny jeans from Old Navy, glorious. I think I'm enjoying clothes more now that I'm dressing a bump than before I was pregnant. Maternity clothes are so stretchy and soft and it's fun to dress to accentuate my belly.

At work I'm starting to put a lot of thought into transferring my projects and making provisions for my maternity leave. I also have a to-do list for Chris and me at home. I want to get the majority of stuff done and acquired by early March just in case our baby decides to be early and so that I can be as stress-free as possible in the weeks leading up to the birth.

On the list for Chris and me:

  • get a crib mattress (from one of Chris's colleagues); I think this is the last essential thing we need
  • clean out and organize the nursery closet
  • attend an infant CPR class
  • choose a pediatrician
  • get all necessary paperwork for adding our baby to our health insurance after birth
  • set up a diapering station, install the toilet sprayer, and decide if we need any additional cloth diapers in newborn size (we have a set of Bumgenius one-size all-in-ones) 
  • freeze meals to have on hand for the first couple months
  • wash all baby clothes, crib and co-sleeper sheets, and diapers
  • continue to educate ourselves about breastfeeding and infant care
  • make reusable wipes
  • install a clothes line (to put the Arizona sun to work on drying our diapers)
  • check out one more daycare option and register at the one we choose
  • set up a 529 college savings account (this could wait until after the baby is born but I'm sure we'll get busy with other things!)
  • get two prenatal massages! (Sorry, Chris, this one is just for me.) My friend gave me a gift certificate for one and I also get a free one from a spa next to my midwive's office. 
  • create a will
  • go on a babymoon - we're all set for a February staycation in downtown Phoenix!
  • install car seat and bases in our cars (early March)
  • pack a bag for the hospital (early March)

 Ready, set....go!