26 Weeks

2013: Be Present


Trying something a little different for 2013. I still have goals for the year but I also wanted to incorporate an over-arching goal or mindset summed up in a simple phrase (inspired by Elise). 

In 2013 I want to be present. I try to be mindful of appreciating what I'm currently doing but I can do better and it seems especially important to make it a habit this year. 

+ During the last few months of my pregnancy I want be present and enjoy the special closeness with my baby before he comes into the world.

+ I want to be present as Chris and I enjoy the last few months of just the two of us and talk excitedly about all the changes coming up.

+ During the first year of my son's life I want to be present through joys and difficulties. I know it will go by so fast and I want to soak it all in.

+ As Chris and I make the transition to being parents I want to be present in our relationship and remain a supportive partner...even when I'm exhausted and/or frustrated.

+ When I'm at work I want to be present and focused and appreciate the challenges and opportunities of my job. There's time to think of everything else outside of work.

There are some things that happened in 2012 that will help me to be present in 2013. The house organization that was done means there's less clutter and it's easier to pick up the house because most things "have a place". Finding a job I enjoy means I can focus on work at work instead of daydreaming about a different job. Making progress on our emergency savings and baby savings gives us comfort in knowing we can handle upcoming expenses, planned and unplanned.

Not surprisingly, no screens or social media are required to be present in each of the ways I want this year. Although I'm generally very satisfied with my life it's amazing (scary) how much I can suddenly start comparing my situation to someone else's just by reading a blog post or seeing a picture. It's so silly and there's no benefit to me. Instead I want to remind myself how much I have to be thankful for and how much I love every part of where I am in life.

At work it's been easy for me to get distracted thinking of everything I want to get done before the baby. But it doesn't actually help me get anything done. Instead I want to immerse myself in my work so that I can leave knowing I put forth my best effort and have the satisfaction of turning my full attention to baby-related things.

This year could be hard. We could have a colicky and fussy baby. I know breastfeeding can be difficult. Returning to work after my maternity leave will be a transition. There will be many more demands on my time and attention, and on Chris's too. Part of being present is recognizing that it's OK for it to be hard and that it's also OK to ask for help. We have an amazing network of friends and family and I know they are more than willing to support us with words of encouragement, a few hours of babysitting, a homemade meal, or just listening. I'm always so happy to be able to help a friend in need, I want to remember to let others return the favor.

The year is going to be filled with amazingness too. The birth of our son, being a parent with Chris, watching many of our friends become parents. So much good to be present for.

Happy new year everyone!