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December 2012

I love the tradition of having a live Christmas tree every year. I love celebrating the beauty of nature by bringing an “ordinary” bit of the outdoors into our home and adorning and admiring it. Sunset magazine just ran a comparison of real vs. fake Christmas trees and I was pleased to see that they determined that you should "go with the real deal if the ritual and environment are your top priorities". That’s us! (They also said go with a fake tree if "you prize convenience and no-mess holidays.") This year I was especially excited to cut our own... Read more →

Even though I'm trying to be really conscious of "taking it easy" it seems like I'm finding myself suddenly a bit too busy. We have birth class every Monday and this week we also have our hospital tour on Tuesday. Next Tuesday evening we have an appointment with our midwife. On Wednesday evenings I have spin class, on Thursdays we occasionally get together with friends for Thursday night TV and on Fridays I go to spin class again. This past week we couldn't even make Thursday night TV because I had to bake brownies for a work baby shower. So... Read more →