Merry & bright

Looking back at 2012

2012. What a year! There were some really big (awesome) things that happened. Others were smaller but still significant. Most weren't on my 2012 goals list and I didn't expect them to happen this year but I'm so, so glad they did. In just one year it feels like so many things have fallen into place and I'm so happy to find myself exactly where I am right now.

The big things that happened this year were:


I got a new job. And I love it. I started 2012 thinking that I needed to change my attitude about my job and "just deal with it". Although I see now, and I think I knew it at the time, that it wouldn't have mattered. It was not the right fit for so many reasons. Amazingly just barely into the new year I found a job posting, applied, interviewed, and got the job! The difference is night and day. It's kind of hard to look back at how I used to feel about work, it makes me feel sad that I was so unhappy at work for 3 years. The silver lining is that I truly appreciate my work situation now. Hardly a week goes by that I don't say to Chris, "I feel so fortunate to have this job."


I bought a Prius. Driving a good-looking, reliable, and fuel-efficient car continues to bring me great satisfaction. So glad I made my goal of owning a Prius happen this year. I wasn't able to save $10,000 by the time I had to buy a car but I did save $7,000, which I'm proud of.


Chris and I found out we're going to be parents (!!!) to a little boy. It doesn't get better than this. When 2012 started if someone had told me that I'd be over six months pregnant when the year ended I would not have believed it for a second. But then our timeline changed, we got the best news, and now I've got a growing belly and a kicking baby!

Smaller, but still important things this year:


I redesigned my blog. Lots of work but so happy with the result. Blogging is easier and my blog is more me.


Made lots of progress organizing the house. I didn't make it through every closet, cabinet and drawer as I'd wanted but throughout the year Chris and I organized lots of those spaces. We got rid of things we didn't need and have made better use of space throughout our home. This makes me feel much better prepared to welcome a little one into the house and make room for the baby things we'll need.


Turned a junk room into my office...and soon after started turning it into a baby room. Oh well! It's the perfect room for a baby: sunny and the biggest of the extra bedrooms. I like it better as a nursery. Now Chris and I have combined offices.

Reached $11,000 in our emergency savings account. This is $1,000 shy of the $12,000 goal that we set for 2012 but we also started a baby savings account when we found out I was pregnant and we've been prioritizing that account. We have $3,665 saved in our baby account so far (more details in a post this week!).

Even with all the changes in 2012 I know that 2013 will be even bigger and in ways I can't fully anticipate. I'll be back tomorrow to share my thoughts and goals for the new year.

I hope you have a wonderful evening remembering the good of 2012 and welcoming 2013!