Cozy weekend
2012 Christmas Cards

24 Weeks


Six months along now! And definitely bumpin'. (That's our Christmas tree that snuck into the photo.)

I'm not sure if it's the holidays, the fact that I'm feeling so good, or that I'm more than half-way through my pregnancy but time is definitely speeding up. So unlike the first trimester when time seemed to crawl by. On the one hand I'm so looking forward to April and holding my baby, something I've even dreamed about recently. On the other hand I think I'll miss being pregnant a little bit. Right now there's just so much to look forward to and it's fun to prepare. I also love that the baby goes where ever I go and that I can feel him kicking; it'll be strange to be separated after being together all these months.

Speaking of kicking, his most active time of day is now about 3 am so I'm up most nights about that time. The extra sleep would be nice but I love feeling him move so don't mind too much. He kicks and rolls all over. Some of the movements make me involuntarily go "ugh!" because it's such a strange feeling but amazing to feel him so definitely. I can't believe it used to be just little pokes and flutters.

My belly continues to grow and I'm still feeling really good. My running has slowed down although it always does in the winter with the dark mornings. I'm sticking to my routine of spin class 3 times/week and going to prenatal yoga. I also mix in a couple mornings of Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout DVD or a prenatal yoga DVD (both recommended by Ashley). I try to stretch a bit and do some cat/cow yoga movement before bed too, this is supposed to help keep my hips flexible and, in the later months, encourage the baby to be in the proper birthing position.

We bought some essential baby gear early on (crib, BOB stroller, car seat, cloth diapers) but haven't made any other purchases or worked on the baby room since then. Still planning to get to some of that over the holidays when I'll have nearly two weeks off work. 

Many of my friends are quickly approaching their due dates or have had babies...I can't believe it'll be me in just 4 months!