Christmas Tree Adventure 2012
Cozy weekend

22 Weeks


I feel like I must be hitting what will be the best part of my pregnancy: I feel great and have lots of energy, I'm finally looking obviously pregnant and I love my growing belly and that people notice, and I can feel the baby move throughout the day. 

On exactly the day that I was 20 weeks I was laying in bed and felt like I was feeling pretty strong kicks. We'd been told Chris probably couldn't feel anything for another few weeks but I thought he might be able to feel something. Sure enough, I laid his hand on my belly and he got one good kick. He said, "Whoa!" Now he can feel the baby move around every evening and the kicks are getting strong. This week we were even able to feel that the baby was curled up on the left side of my belly because that side was firmer - and would kick when we poked it! Each week I can tell the baby's getting bigger and his movements are more complex. 

I'm feeling good exercising and even made it through a whole jog (just about 2 miles) without having to stop to go to the bathroom. Nothing too much to complain about; I'm having a couple minor negative symptoms including occasional swollen ankles, or at least the tight feeling that they're swollen and mild heartburn (although it's eased up this week). The dizziness that's been my most persistent symptom is easing up which is a welcome change. Overall I feel really good and still feel comfortable, I'm sure this will change!

I think "nesting" might also be kicking in (although truthfully I've always loved nesting). I'm waking up around 3:30 or 4 am on some mornings and feel awake and want to get things done. I'm feeling motivated to do projects around the house and I can't wait to work on the baby's room over the Christmas holidays (as long as I've also given myself time to relax too!).

We toured the hospital this week and we feel very comfortable going there for our birth. The hospital is very accommodating of laboring without pain medication and even have birthing tubs and birthing balls available. Being in a room and visualizing what that experience will be like was a bit surreal. I picture the labor and birth often and I'm glad to now know what the surroundings will be like. We've even started to do practice labor scenarios in birth class. As I wrote to my friend, "sh*t is getting real" :)

Right now I'm looking forward to my belly getting bigger and feeling stronger kicks from the baby. My parents will be visiting around Christmas and I can't wait to see them again and share this part of my pregnancy with them in person.