Boy or Girl?
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What we found out yesterday!

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{the card from our ultrasound tech}

Ahhhh! We're so excited! Just the reality of knowing that we're having a son is still sinking in; it's so fun to know and now to wonder, "What will he look like?" "What will he be like?"

Seeing our baby boy on the ultrasound was just amazing. We haven't had an ultrasound since 8 weeks when he was just a wee smudge on the screen. We have a great ultrasound photo of his profile; perfect little ear, nose, and lips.

I've also started feeling the baby move! It happened about a week and a half ago, just light little bumps and I couldn't be sure that it was the baby. But then they became more frequent and I started having the "bubbles" and "flutters" that other women have described and I was sure it was the baby. Now I feel him a few times a day. I can't wait until Chris can feel it too. It's starting to feel more and more real...

What a day!