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20 Weeks

Simple baby rattle


A few weekends ago I whipped up a simple baby rattle for a friend who's due with a baby boy this month (everyone is having boys!). The pattern is from Simple Sewing for Baby. It was the first time I'd ever used a pattern!

I used tracing paper and a tracing wheel as the instructions told me to but I didn't find that they worked very well; I feel that I must have been doing something wrong. Clearly I need supervision. Still, the little guy turned out cute. Look at that sweet face!


The book said that a tiny bell could be put inside the rattle but that it might be more enticing to cats. Since my friend has a cat I decided to leave it out. The end of the rattle where I had to sew it closed did not turn out lovely. I have no idea how to do a blind stitch so I just sewed it up. Eh. But it stays closed!


This project was easy enough to sew up in just a couple of hours. I have the materials to make a few more for some of the many babies that are expected this winter and spring!