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I know there are lots of women who say they just *knew* that they were pregnant. I was much too skeptical for that. In early August I thought, “Well, I could be pregnant but I’m sure I’m not.” I was convinced it would take at least a year. On Wednesday or Thursday I experienced fairly intense cramps only on the left side of my abdomen. I thought it was likely early cramping and the onset of my period. I also remember that on Friday I felt really dizzy when I stood up from sitting or laying down and I thought... Read more →

Yesterday I was too nervous and distracted by the election to post anything. But now we're breathing a big sigh of relief; I feel excited and hopeful for the next four years. There's lots of work to be done but I think we're heading in the right direction. I'm especially encouraged by the turning tide of gay marriage. My hope is that by the time our baby is old enough to vote marriage equality won't need to be on the ballots any more because it's accepted and recognized across our country. Four years ago Chris and I woke up early... Read more →

In week 6 of my pregnancy I started feeling symptoms of morning sickness. I never threw up but I would feel nauseous all day. I lost my appetite (so sad for someone who usually loves to cook and read recipes!) and didn’t want to eat anything. Things that became particularly disgusting to me included burritos (by the time I posted this recipe just looking at the photo made me gag) and vegetarian/vegan meat substitutes like veggie burgers. Even though I didn't feel like eating the longer I went without eating the worse I would feel. The irony! It was definitely... Read more →

Even before I was pregnant I thought about how I would want to document my pregnancy. You know I love to plan! I thought that if I already knew what I wanted to do then I could be consistent from the beginning. I've added a page of bump photos that I've taken since the beginning of my pregnancy and I'll upload new photos to the page as I take them. You can always check them out from this button that I've added to the right sidebar: My goal is to take a photo every other week but to get at... Read more →

I said that in going through all my old posts I could not believe that some were from a year ago, they felt much older. One of those was definitely this one where I talked about our thoughts on having a baby. Obviously, so much has changed since then! Our tentative plan was to have a baby sometime after Chris’s tenure in the spring of 2014. Here's what changed our timeline and made us feel ready to have a baby a little sooner: Chris got baby fever. He said that when he was out to lunch with colleagues in the... Read more →

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my big news! I'm really looking forward to being able to get back into sharing more of what's going on in my life as we go through this big transition and I appreciate all your support!! In October I finally started feeling more like myself after weeks of being exhausted and generally feeling blah. A very welcome change to be sure and just in time to enjoy the lovely fall weather! For Halloween we sat outside with our neighbors to hand out candy like last year, I am loving this... Read more →