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Goals - December 2012

In the holiday spirit

Reindeer apron vert

It's the holiday season! Do I need to tell you how excited I am? Probably not.

My push to get Christmas presents done early is going well. I'm not completely done yet as I was hoping to be but I did start wrapping last weekend. Just a couple of gifts remain to be purchased and I already know exactly what I need to get. I'll definitely be finished within the next two weekends, plenty of time to beat the post office rush. It's a huge weight off my shoulders!

Now there's time for filling the next month with all the holiday things I really want to be doing like:

  • Cutting our own Christmas tree for the first time with our neighbors this weekend. Hello Griswold family adventure!
  • Sending Christmas cards.
  • Decorating the house. (Hopefully Chris won't staple-gun his hand this year!)
  • Fitting in some Christmas crafting. Maybe a Christmas version of this wreath
  • Driving around to see Christmas lights.
  • Sipping peppermint hot chocolate and spiced cider (I’d be drinking this if I wasn’t pregnant).
  • Listening to Christmas music (currently loving the Electronic Holiday channel on Pandora).
  • Baking Christmas cookies with the Wharton family, it's tradition!
  • Watching Christmas movies...with a cozy blanket and perhaps with a peppermint hot fudge sundae.
  • Wearing my reindeer apron while cooking.
  • Going to see Zoo Lights with friends.
  • Eating candy cane joe-joes.

Of course, as I mentioned before, never far from my mind is how special next year will be. I've always been a bit sentimental but in my "current condition" just the thought of our sweet little boy in Christmas pajamas next year nearly makes me cry - oh pregnancy hormones! As fun as the holiday season is now I can't wait to enjoy this season as a little family next year.