How we found out
What we found out yesterday!

Boy or Girl?

{my mother-in-law made this using WordFoto on her iPhone, so sweet!}

Today we’re having an ultrasound and will learn if our little one is a boy or a girl – a son or a daughter!! I will be over-the-moon either way, I’m just excited to know. Our plan is to ask the ultrasound technician to write down the sex on a card and not show us. After our appointment we’ll go out to our favorite coffee shop and open the card together! I really liked this idea of having the moment be just between Chris and me. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we’ll actually get to find out!

My thoughts on boy vs. girl: Because I had a sister growing up, and I guess since I’m a girl and remember what it was like to be a little girl, I feel that having a little girl will seem more familiar somehow or that I’ll be better equipped to raise a girl. But having a boy will seem like more of an adventure because I have less experience with little boys and I know I will learn so much seeing the world through his eyes (although I know this will happen whether it’s a boy or girl). I’ve had two dreams about our baby so far. The first was very vivid and I dreamed we were having a girl, in the second I dreamed we had a boy. If I had to guess I suppose I’d say girl but it’s not really my gut feeling, just a guess.

Chris has no idea whatsoever and whenever I ask him he just says the opposite of whatever he said before! My mom says girl as does my sister, one of my best friends since the beginning has said girl and I’ve also had a couple other friends say they get the “girl vibe” from me. My niece, who is apparently VERY good at guess gender, also says girl. The Chinese prediction calendar says girl. But at the same time another friend who is also supposed to have good intuition about these things took one look at me and said “boy” without hesitation. My dad also guesses boy.

I’ve tried to do some of the gender predictions but I never lean totally one way or the other. And what about the weird ones like, “You don’t eat the heel of a loaf of bread” - ?

Some of the old wives tales used to predict sex:

Cravings – I’ve been craving fruit, fruit, fruit and orange juice (predicts girl)

Skin – my skin has been super clear all through my pregnancy (predicts boy)

Morning sickness – was never terribly sick but did feel nauseous all day long for several weeks (predicts girl)

Carrying low/high – too early to tell really!

Carrying the pregnancy weight out front – I think I am (predicts boy)

Baby’s heart rate – it’s been over 140 bpm each time except one (predicts girl)


Do you have any guesses or hunches? I’d love to know! I'll share the big news tomorrow!