Goals - October 2012
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Summer Minibook Wrap Up

As part of my "embrace the summer" outlook I ordered a Summer Minibook from Elise to capture summer memories. I've never been a scrapbooker and have had no interest...until I found Elise's blog. I love that her designs are modern and simple. I've kept a journal for years and used to tuck movie stubs and other small memorabilia in the pages (although never considered it scrapbooking) so I thought a minibook wouldn't be too much of a leap for me.


I kept things very simple for this first minibook but I did buy a few supplies. 


1 Color Box stamp pad. Although I found it didn't dry very fast and was smudge-prone. I'm thinking of getting a StazOn stamp pad, which is what Elise recommends.

2 Hole punch. For including random things in the book. Just punch a hole and add it to the ring. The woman at the craft store had recommended the 1/8 in size but I wish I'd bought the next size up.

3 Sharpies.

4 Washi tape from Target. Could not find a link but it comes in several colors and is in the office supply section.

5 Small ceramic strawberry containers for organization.

6 W stamp from a craft store, You're My Favorite stamp from Elise stamps (they're only available for a limited time!)


I didn't put pressure on myself to fill the book. On the weekend I would jot down a couple of notes and when I had time I'd add more detail.


(Sorry to be annoying - blurred photos for privacy!)

I never got around to printing photos which is definitely something lacking. Next time. This has me thinking we need to invest in a reliable printer that will print good photos. If getting photos were as easy as hitting "print" and picking them up from across the room I think our house would be filled with many more. 

Page3 (1)

What I loved about the book is that even though mine is simple the paper in different shapes and patterns (and the occasional envelope!) makes it look fun with little effort.


I ended up having several pages left over, which is a bummer because the paper is so fun! Still thinking of what to do with these fun scraps. If I included photos I think the pages would definitely fill up faster. And on the next one I can tell that I can intersperse some simpler pages with just one photo, word, or fun scrap, there's plenty of room.

What I did capture of summer 2012 I'm so glad to have in this format! Plus you know I love an excuse to celebrate the seasons.  I don't think Elise makes an autumn minibook but I think I'll buy the next one she comes out with and give it another go. I'm still no scrapbooker but I'm seeing the appeal...