Summer Minibook Wrap Up

Goals - October 2012


In September I enjoyed a great (quick) trip to Austin for my cousin's wedding immediately followed by our awesome trip to Hawaii. It was the perfect farewell to summer...and now I'm pretty eager for fall weather to arrive. At least Trader Joe's has pumpkin flavored everything on the end of every aisle. Trader Joe's always knows what season it is even if the weather doesn't.

I've also made some good progress on migrating my blog to Typepad. I know I've been talking about this f-o-r-e-v-e-r but I promise it's close, maybe as close as three weeks - ? This weekend I sat myself down to do what I've been dreading: moving my old posts over to Typepad. With some platforms you can do this easily and just export/import your old posts but this isn't available for the Squarespace to Typepad conversion. However, even though it's not as easy as clicking a few buttons it is going about as easy as it could. Thank goodness! Still, I had a total of 180 posts to move (I was surprised there were so many and it's been fun to go through old posts). I'm not halfway but I made a dent and have found a good rhythm. And I'm so excited about how much easier it's going to be to post and interact with you guys on Typepad.

Going to go easy on October goals because my number one priority is migrating my blog. So here's what's on my plate for October:

+ Move my blog to Typepad!

+ Make a fall craft. I'm thinking this one.

+ Figure out what to be for Halloween. Our neighbors are hosting an awesome party!

+ Decide when we're celebrating Fallidayyay! Usually we celebrate in October but we might push it to November this year because of our schedules. 

Happy October!