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Vegan Freezer Burritos


One fall "tradition" that seems to have developed in the Wharton house is that on Sundays Chris usually watches football and I watch from the kitchen while making a big pot of soup for the week. I love Sunday cooking but as it gets hotter I fall out of the habit. Who wants to stand over a stove or oven when it's over 100 degrees outside? 

A couple of weeks ago, even though the temperatures were no where near fall-like, I just got the urge to spend the day cooking. I'm ready for fall *pout*. I came across Tracy's recipe for freezer burritos and wondered why I'd never thought of something so simply genius before. Burrito wrapping was made even more fun since Erica came over for a visit while I cooked. I love chatting and cooking. And we are both eager for fall to arrive so we lamented the long summer together and ate popsicles to stay cool.

I modified the recipe only slightly to make it extra protein-y and vegan. Instead of rice I made quiona using the directions on the box and also added a can of diced tomatoes, a few cloves of chopped garlic, and a small chopped onion to the pot while it cooked. Voila, Mexican style quinoa! For the sour cream sauce I used vegan sour cream mixed with salsa. (Note: Erica and I both agreed that vegan sour cream has the unfortunate smell and texture of painter's putty. But when mixed with salsa and slapped on a burrito it's quite yummy.)

In just over an hour I stocked the freezer with 10 burritos and we've eaten them for quick dinners and Chris has taken them for lunch. Fabulous every time. It'll be time to restock soon!