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On My iPod Lately


I alternate between loving to run with music and without music. Lately I've definitely been in awith music phase. Unfortunately I've never been a great playlist-maker and I'm pretty particular about what I listen to when I work out. The song needs to match the intensity of my workout so podcasts or audio books do not accompany me on my runs. For the most part I really like the music that's played in my RPM spin classes so I go to this website to check out all the RPM music. I spent some time last week reworking my running playlist and it's been keeping me going my past few runs. In case you need to mix up your workout playlist, here's what I'm rocking to lately:

Keep the Car Running / Arcade Fire (as a warm up song)
Starships / Nicki Minaj
Pound the Alarm / Nicki Minaj
Till the World Ends / Britney Spears (no judgement! :) )
Hot N Cold / Katy Perry
All Day and All of the Night / The Kinks
Good Feeling / Flo Rida
Bangarang / Skrillex (Chris found this one for me)
Pary Rock Anthem / LMFAO
Turn Around / Flo Rida
Pump It / The Black Eyed Peas
Boom Boom Pow / The Black Eyed Peas
Imma Be / The Black Eyed Peas

Happy workouts!