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Goals - September 2012


Hi friends! Last week got away from me between being busy at work, hosting a little dinner party, and never quite getting enough sleep. The three day weekend for Labor Day could not have come at a better time! 

In August we watched lots of Olypmpic coverage although I always forgot about the time delay and would hear the results on NPR on my way to work - dang it! I blocked out a weekend to work on my blog resdesign/conversion to Typepad and made progress. It's getting closer! I'm on schedule for an October launch so not too much longer. Our trip to Montana could not have been better. I'm a bit behind on my summer minibook but I'm trying not to get all Type A over it and just do what I can and keep in enjoyable. September will be included in my minibook since over 100 degrees qualifies as summer to this gal so one more month of the project. Hopefully in a month we'll be down in the 90s!

In August I also finally made time to compare car insurance quotes. I haven't officially signed up with a new company because I want to see if our current insurance company would be willing to match the lower rate. I'll write a post with details once it's all finalized but it's looking like at a minimum I can save $400/year by switching from State Farm to Progressive. If Chris and I get a joint policy we'll probably save even more. Groan that I did not do this sooner and that rates can be so different. Although at least I know I'm not alone as Sara recently went through this too!

And it's time to say hello to September! My goals for the month are:

+ have my Typepad blog design and conversion 90% complete by the end of the month. I'm hoping that in October I can just put the finishing touches on and press go! That means this month will include moving over all my archives, something I've been dreading because it won't be a simple process (it would be simpler if I was currently using a blog platform that interfaces with Typepad, unfortunately Squarespace does not; sad face).

+ enjoy a week of vacation! I'll be taking a whirlwind trip to Austin for my sweet cousin's wedding, yay! Lots of my mom's side of the family will be in town, including my grandmother, so it will be a really special visit. Just two days later Chris and I will jet to Hawaii for a good friend's wedding. It'll be our first trip to Hawaii and we're excited to fit in some beach time, hiking, and snorkeling between the wedding festivities.

+ buy materials for sewing projects

+ organize the linen closet. 

Happy September!