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Back into the Swing of Things

It always seems to take me a week after coming home from traveling to get back into the swing of things. To fully catch up on sleep if there was a time change, to get back to healthy eating habits, back to my workout routine and back to blogging. I love routines; I love our routines: Saturday morning yoga, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, spin class, low-key weeknights together, walking Drew two times a day. It’s the simple things, right? By the end of my week of travel a week ago I was pretty ready to back to our normal life. In a small way I felt silly for wanting to leave Hawaii for “normal life” but also happy that our “normal life” is so appealing.

So anyway, this week was about getting back to it. Plus there was a wonderful gift waiting for us at home…coolish mornings. Morning temps in the 70s people, amazing!! The smell of seasons changing is barely there but October will be a turning point. It’s likely we’ll get our first weekend where we can leave the windows open all day and night. I’m hoping to return to Sunday soup cooking while watching football with Chris. Afternoon runs will (soon) no longer be a danger to my health. I think the change of seasons had a lot to do with my readiness to get home after Hawaii. I knew that fall would be on its way and I’m ready for a change. Hawaii was the perfect last hurrah for summer 2012. We swam, loved the heat of the sun, got sunburns from said love, ate sno-cones, hung out with friends and attended a wonderful wedding (pics this week!).

 Summer 2012, you were fab. Fall 2012, I can’t wait to hang out.