Long Weekend in Montana
Goals - September 2012

Two Favorite Travel Games


When I travel I like to always have a deck of cards with me. I love a game of crazy 8 or gin rummy over a beer or cup of coffee. But after our trip to Montana I think we've found new favorite games for traveling.

The first is a card game version of Settler's of Catan! (I can't find a link for the game but I'm pretty sure I bought it at Target. Note that this is the card game that can be played with four people, there is a super confusing two player card game as well which I have yet to figure out.) Only cards are needed so I took the deck from the box and packed them in my purse. The game takes between 30 minutes to a little over an hour so it's the perfect time length for down time when traveling.

The second is the dice game Farkel. My mom and dad like to play and my mom bought us the game when I was in Austin recently. It comes in a tiny canister with six tiny dice. Points are based on the different number combinations of your rolls and you get into situations where you have to decide whether to risk all your points or play it safe which keeps it exciting. It's so easy to play anywhere, we even played using the console of our rental car when we were waiting for the stars to come out.

Do you have any favorite travel games? I'd love to know!