Our Veganish Diet
Long Weekend in Montana

Right Now


Waking up to a lovely rainy morning.

Finding that snapping a picture and walking Drew requires coordination.

Reading too many books...but they're all so good (Thunderstruck11/22/62Fly Away Home).

Taking a break from NPR with Juliet, Naked on audio book (also great).

Appreciating the 6-CD player in the Prius and not having to switch audio book CDs mid-commute.

Craving this pie and this salad. I know what Saturday dinner will be.

Drinking lots of ice water. 

Mixing up my running routes.

Wishing the mornings weren't getting darker.

Wondering when the first signs of cooler weather will come.

Thinking not for awhile.

Remembering my Summer Manifesto.

Looking forward to Saturday yoga.

Hoping to fit in some blog redesign work this week.


Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!

P.S. Pictures and details of our awesome trip to Missoula last weekend on Monday!

(Inspired by SouleMama and Elise Blaha)