Sewing for Lots of Babies
A Relaxing and Creative Weekend

Goals - August 2012


Woosh - another month gone! Wasn't it just 4th of July? I've seen schools in the area proclaiming, "Classes starts August 1" (whoa) and Chris starts teaching again on August 23rd so the end of summer is upon us. At least the summer that means Chris isn't working as much, which gives our household that slow-down, summery feeling. 

July was a lovely month and the weather was strangely mild. We had RAIN and CLOUDS with big storms the past three weekends. This weekend during the afternoon storms we started the dark series Game of Thrones (so addicting) and later sat on the front porch, watching the rain and listening to the rolling thunder. I love taking time to appreciate the rain, it's such a welcome sight.

In July I set out to break my blah book rut by reading an awesome book. Accomplished! On my trip to Austin I read Alif the Unseen, which I could barely put down and then borrowed Thunderstruck from my mom which is also great and non-fiction (entertaining learning is the best). On the side I'm still loving Mysterious Benedict Society and The Creative Habit. Besides reading, reading, reading in July I ran a 4-mile race, took a secret trip to Austin, and made homemade pickles for the first time (but certainly not the last). 

My goals for August are:

+ watch as much Olympic coverage as possible!

+ compare car insurance plans. My insurance went up when I bought my Prius and I think I could get a better rate but comparing rates is always low on my list of things-I-want-to-do-in-my-free-time...even though I could be saving money!

+ make significant progress on a blog redesign and migrating to Typepad. I'm planning to block out all of this weekend for blog work; I love having big chunks of time to get things done and I'm really excited to work, work, work this weekend. Still hoping for a site redesign to be ready in the fall.

+ keep updating my summer minibook.

+ enjoy an awesome trip to Missoula, Montana and Glacier National Park with Chris! So excited.

+ find inspiration on hot days in my Summer Manifesto.

Happy August!