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When I travel I like to always have a deck of cards with me. I love a game of crazy 8 or gin rummy over a beer or cup of coffee. But after our trip to Montana I think we've found new favorite games for traveling. The first is a card game version of Settler's of Catan! (I can't find a link for the game but I'm pretty sure I bought it at Target. Note that this is the card game that can be played with four people, there is a super confusing two player card game as well which... Read more →

We were in Montana two weekends ago Friday - Monday; we had the best time! First of all, thank you to a reader, Andee, who is a Missoula local and sent me great recommendations for Missoula restaurants and for our trip to Glacier. Thanks, Andee, we loved your town! We stayed in Missoula Friday and Saturday night and then on Sunday drove a rental car about 4 hours north to Glacier National Park. We stayed in Glacier for a night and then drove back to Missoula and flew back home. We packed a lot in but it felt like a... Read more →

Waking up to a lovely rainy morning. Finding that snapping a picture and walking Drew requires coordination. Reading too many books...but they're all so good (Thunderstruck, 11/22/62, Fly Away Home). Taking a break from NPR with Juliet, Naked on audio book (also great). Appreciating the 6-CD player in the Prius and not having to switch audio book CDs mid-commute. Craving this pie and this salad. I know what Saturday dinner will be. Drinking lots of ice water. Mixing up my running routes. Wishing the mornings weren't getting darker. Wondering when the first signs of cooler weather will come. Thinking not... Read more →

I’ve written about going vegan for a week, eating Tofurky and my excitement for vegan breakfast options at The Coffee Shop and Uprooted Kitchen. But we’re also not completely/strictly vegan. So I thought I’d share a post on what the heck we eat. Our motivation for choosing food comes primarily out of concern for the treatment of animals but also for the health of the environment and ourselves. Deciding what to eat is a deeply personal choice and also one that has become very political! My thoughts here only reflect the way Chris and I eat and how we arrived... Read more →

Have you heard of Tattly? They make aweomse "designy temporary tattoos". And it just so happens that they have a vizsla tattoo - just like Drew! So of course I got two and made Chris wear one with me. Although the tattoo does look much less sleepy and lumpy than our old dog. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Read more →

Our weekend was a perfect mix of productivity and relaxing. I made lots of progress on my blog resdesign. Still a ways to go (planning the launch for fall) but things are coming together, I'm using HTML (!), loving the Typepad interface and the new blog just feels more me. I'm so excited to share it with you soon. Chris now only has to work on Chow Locally every third weekend, as opposed to every weekend, and I help him make deliveries on the Saturdays that he works. On free Saturdays we've developed a new favorite morning routine and I... Read more →

Woosh - another month gone! Wasn't it just 4th of July? I've seen schools in the area proclaiming, "Classes starts August 1" (whoa) and Chris starts teaching again on August 23rd so the end of summer is upon us. At least the summer that means Chris isn't working as much, which gives our household that slow-down, summery feeling. July was a lovely month and the weather was strangely mild. We had RAIN and CLOUDS with big storms the past three weekends. This weekend during the afternoon storms we started the dark series Game of Thrones (so addicting) and later sat... Read more →