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No Phones in Bed

Summer Series Run #3


Chris and I got up early - even for us! - to drive an hour across the valley to the 4th of July Summer Series #3 race that started at 6:30 am. It was perfect weather for a race: overcast, temp in the 80s, and an almost cool breeze. Since this race was a 4-miler and I've only gone on a few runs since the last race I didn't feel I was up to hitting a 7:35 pace. So I didn't make my goal of getting faster at this race but I did have a great run and my finish was strong. 

After the race Chris and I cued up a Radiolab to keep us company as we headed back across the valley to The Coffee Shop for breakfast. They recently added two awesome vegan breakfast options that we can't get enough of. My favorite is the vacation bagel: a bagel with vegan cream cheese, toasted almonds, and agave syrup. I want another one right now. 


The rest of our 4th continued uneventfully but wonderfully restful and included dream pie from the (never home)makers and Zoolander (Chris had never seen it!). In the evening we sat on our front porch, eating pie, and were able to hear and see lots of fireworks going on in the neighborhood. A great 4th all around. 


Hope you had a great day too!