Summer Series Run #3
Quick pickles with a kick

No Phones in Bed


Chris and I both have the bad habit of checking our phones right after we wake up. Chris checks his email, looks at his calendar for the day, and then reads ESPN (if it's basketball or football season). I check out new blog posts on Google Reader, see what's happened on Instagram, and then check my email. All of this usually before 5 AM (have I mentioned that we get up crazy early?). It's something I don't like but haven't really tried to stop…until now.

This past week we both read the New York Times article on busyness and I've been reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit (and l-o-v-e it), which has led to conversations about how we spend time outside of work, what encourages creativity for us, how busy we feel, and what we'd like to change. I try to be really conscious of my "busyness" level. It's why I prioritize with yearly and monthly goals and quit extra activities if they start becoming obligations I don't enjoy.

I think of a lot of things lately in the context of having a family one day and what I want that to look like. Chris and I agree that we don't want it to look like us on our phones all the time. And even before there are kids we'd like to spend less time checking our phones and being connected to social media and make more time for activities that replenish and encourage creativity. For Chris that's time spent playing and making music. For me it's reading, writing, and working on projects.

To get less connected from our phones we're starting with the simple rule of no phones in bed. There's certainly no information that we're getting at 5 AM from our phones that can't wait. When we wake up we won't first reach for our phones. We'll get up and start our day without knowing what emails we got or what new blogs posts are up. It's a small step but a way to reconnect with what's most important.