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Goals - July 2012


This was what the evening sky looked like this week as a dusty haboob rolled through. This is the haboob we got last year - it was crazy! There's an official "monsoon season" in Arizona that starts around mid-June and brings dust storms, evening thunder and lightening and a handful of stormy days. After months and months of clear blue skies it's so nice to have some actual weather. My window at work faces east, where the storms usually build, and I'm looking forward to watching some summer rain roll in. Rain is certainly an event here. At work you can count on someone announcing, "It's raining!" and everyone rushes to the windows to witness it. I know it seems so silly to those of you who live in wet climates but the rain is so exciting here. It's the little things.

But really this is a post about my July goals! In June I didn't make it to a public pool, but did swim at my sister-in-law's house and played silly pool games with my niece and nephew. My kitchen cabinet reorganization is very much in progress. I've finished the bottom cabinets and now need to tackle the upper cabinets. I went on a photo walk that went great...until my camera ate my photos...and put away my winter clothes.

In July I hope to:

+ print some photos

+ organize the linen closet

+ read an awesome book - I've been in a bit of a book rut lately and haven't loved what I've been reading - with the exception of MWF Seeking BFF, which was so spot on. I have a few requests at the library so hoping to turn this trend around. (P.S. I use Goodreads to keep track of what I read and want to read.)

+ find inspiration on hot days in my Summer Manifesto

Happy July!