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What I Wear to Work


This is what I wear to work! I was inspired by Tracy's High Straightenence post to document what I wear so that I could avoid the "I have nothing to wear!" whine. Now taking a picture of my outfit in the morning is part of my routine. And it really has helped me remember outfits that I put together and would have forgotten about.

It also means I have to make the bed everyday - bonus! And usually it's actually Chris who makes the bed - double bonus (he's the sweetest). There's one picture above in which Chris is actually folding sheets! "Nope, can't help with chores, I have to take a picture of myself in the mirror." Sorry, Chris. You can also see that after about two weeks in we finally got rid of the languishing plant that was next to the mirror. Drew also makes a few (lazy) appearances. (This makes me think of the awesome I Spy books...does anyone else LOVE those?)

One of my 2012 goals is to work on building my wardrobe so that I have well-fitting, classic pieces to wear, hopefully for 3+ years. My favorite additions lately are a simple navy blue dress from Target that is easy to accessorize and my red, blue, and pink cardigans from Old Navy. It seems like I can hardly get dressed without a cardigan!

At my new job we're supposed to wear school colors on Fridays so I think my next purchase will be something in maroon or gold...