A Photo Walk Without Photos
Goals - July 2012

Seasonal Clothes Rotation


The evenings are really warm now so on daily walks with Chris and Drew I wear shorts and a t-shirt or sleeveless shirt. The other night I was thinking how crazy it is that in six months I'll be wearing long pants, a puffy down jacket, hat, and maybe even a scarf! (It's possible that I've become quite the wimp since moving to sunny Arizona.)

With such big swings in the temperature much of my summer wardrobe doesn't go over well in the winter and vice versa. To keep from having to sort through clothes from all seasons in my closet, I switch out my summer and winter clothes twice a year. It is decidedly NOT sweater weather any more so last weekend it was time to put away the long sleeves and get out the shorts.

I have two, big, flat plastic bins that I keep under the guest bedroom bed (they don't fit under our bed) that hold my clothes nicely. Going through a whole season's wardrobe at once is a great time to take a discerning eye to that top that I've always wanted to wear but for some reason never do...it might be time for it to go. This time around I was able to get my winter clothes down to one full bin and one mostly empty bin (just my fleece vest and two scarves were overflow from the first bin). Plus, when I get out clothes for the new season there are invariable things I've forgotten that I own. It's like shopping without spending money! Win. 

I can't wait to see you again sweaters and scarves!