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After the 5K on Sunday I was craving something chocolately but wasn't up for a big effort. It was the perfect time to try out a recipe for vegan baked chocolate donuts from (never home)maker that I'd had my eye on for a while. They came together quickly and weren't overly sweet plus are full of good grains and definitely delivered the chocolate I was craving. Exactly what I wanted. Substitutions: In the recipe I substituted the wheat bran for flax meal since that's what I had on hand and I also added 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder plus a... Read more →

Yesterday I ran the second 5K in the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series and - amazingly - was able to make my goal of beating my previous time and moved up in my age group too! I also sported some new gear: visor, sports bra, and shirt. The race course was through a deserty area on a dirt trail and with hundreds of runners there was so much dust in the air, definitely an unpleasant aspect of the race. I remembered to wear my watch this time but got confused because there was one water station, which I assumed was... Read more →

This is what I wear to work! I was inspired by Tracy's High Straightenence post to document what I wear so that I could avoid the "I have nothing to wear!" whine. Now taking a picture of my outfit in the morning is part of my routine. And it really has helped me remember outfits that I put together and would have forgotten about. It also means I have to make the bed everyday - bonus! And usually it's actually Chris who makes the bed - double bonus (he's the sweetest). There's one picture above in which Chris is actually... Read more →

As part of my 2012 goals I'm trying to organize all the closets/cabinets/drawers in our house. Organizing the guest bathroom cabinets was my goal for last month and I checked it off the list two weekends ago. Before...not too bad from the outside... ... ...ahhhh! First step, getting everything out: Next, sort! As you can see, the cabinets had become a haven for random cleaning products. I think we use about 5 of them...some even came with the house! I rounded up everything we didn't need and Chris took it to our town's hazardous waste facility later in the week.... Read more →

Since I'm growing out my hair I'm always looking for ways to keep my hair at its healthiest. I use natural hair-care products and have even tried out some homemade hair masks like avocado+olive oil and coconut oil. My latest favorite treatment is Moroccan argan oil. I've seen several bloggers mention this stuff lately so I couldn't help buy some at Walgreens a few months ago. It's the Organix brand Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Dry Oil (how's that for a name?!). The directions suggest spritzing the oil on your towel-dried hair and spritzing over dry hair as well.... Read more →

May, you were awesome. You didn't go by too fast but you didn't drag on either. You brought more time with my husband, the much anticipated purchase of my Prius, sewing, learning and inspiration during Blog 2.0, and the organization of the guest bathroom cabinets (details next week!). Sadly a killer margarita was not made (yet!). But on to June. Oh June, you mean that summer is really here. On the one hand our life slows down a lot during the summer and I relish that. On the other hand it gets so so hot (112 today already!) and I... Read more →