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Organized: Guest Bathroom Cabinets

As part of my 2012 goals I'm trying to organize all the closets/cabinets/drawers in our house. Organizing the guest bathroom cabinets was my goal for last month and I checked it off the list two weekends ago.

Before...not too bad from the outside...





First step, getting everything out:


Next, sort! As you can see, the cabinets had become a haven for random cleaning products. I think we use about 5 of them...some even came with the house!

I rounded up everything we didn't need and Chris took it to our town's hazardous waste facility later in the week. 

Here's a glamour shot of everything I got rid of:


On a not so quick trip to Target (I forgot my wallet and had to come back later - arg!) I picked up a coulple of bins for cleaning products, towels, and toilet paper. In one bin I collected all the cleaning products that we use. I've mentioned that I'm also trying to use as many natural products as possible and this includes cleaning products. All of these are "green" but when they run out I want to start making homemade cleaning products so I plan to save the empty bottles and repurpose. 


I wasn't ready to part with a few random products. We definitely deal with a lot of hard water build up so CLR is good to have on hand - is there a natural alternative? As for the others, if we haven't used them in 6 months we'll get rid of them. 


I wanted to have a bin to keep towels or extra soaps, etc for guests. Right now our linen closet is a mess so when that gets cleaned out I'll probably keep guest towels there but this bin could be a nice place to put them for guests before they arrive.


A few random shampoos made the cut. We need to use these up before buying new ones. Please note that three of these are Chris's and only one is mine. 


Everything put away! I apologize for the Instagram shots. I have not mastered the low lighting pictures with my camera...


So much better than before! When I wanted to find something I would usually have to reach past several random bottles and usually knock something over along the way. No more!

Clutter is no longer lurking behind these cabinets, just the way I like it.