Goals - June 2012
Organized: Guest Bathroom Cabinets

Hair Treatment: Moroccan Argan Oil


Since I'm growing out my hair I'm always looking for ways to keep my hair at its healthiest. I use natural hair-care products and have even tried out some homemade hair masks like avocado+olive oil and coconut oil. My latest favorite treatment is Moroccan argan oil. I've seen several bloggers mention this stuff lately so I couldn't help buy some at Walgreens a few months ago.  It's the Organix brand Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Dry Oil (how's that for a name?!).

The directions suggest spritzing the oil on your towel-dried hair and spritzing over dry hair as well. I found this to be a bit much for my fine hair (it was left looking oily) so the bottle laid at the bottom of my hair-product basket for several weeks. But then I had the idea of using the oil as an overnight leave-in treatment...and suddenly I'm loving this product.

This is what I do: before going to bed I brush out my hair with a paddle brush (it feels so nice ot brush out your hair at the end of the day!) and then spray the argan oil throughout my hair. Then I brush my hair through a few more time to distribute the oil. Next, I braid my hair (it's long enough to make a short braid!) and go to sleep - pretty simple! In the morning I shampoo my hair as usual and the oil completely rinses out. I feel like I can tell a difference in the softness and shininess of my hair after a treatment...guess this means I'm hoping on the Moroccan argan oil bandwagon too!