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A Photo Walk Without Photos

Guys, this weekend I had a photo walk FAIL. I went out for my photo walk and took lots of pictures, some that I was pretty excited about. Throughout the walk I was reviewing my photos on playback mode to adjust settings and to see what I had. When I was all done I headed back to my car and looked through all my pictures. I was excited to download them. The next morning I plugged in my memory card and opened Adobe Bridge like I always do and went to download the photos. And then I found taht there were only nine pictures on the card from earlier in the week. My photo walk photos were nowhere to be found! ARRGG!

I have no idea what happened, I'm still trying to figure it out. What's weird is that before I took out the memory card my camera said it had 72 frames left to shoot. When I put the memory card back in (after finding the photo walk pictures MIA) it said there were 154 frames available. Hmmmm....why did you eat my pictures, camera?

I can't figure out how I could have reviewed all the photos the night before and found them gone the next morning. Or how I possibly could have deleted them? It was quite the frustrating mystery for Sunday morning. I plan to recreate my photo walk this week, hopefully with a better, more picture-ful outcome so stay tuned...