Goals - May 2012
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Update: Growing out my hair

The post you’ve been waiting for: an update on growing out my hair!!  I know. I’ll give you a second to settle down. 

OK. So, it’s true. Still growing out my hair. I’m also growing out the layers that I used to wear so that my hair is one length (except for my bangs). I think that will help my fine, slightly-wavy-but-not-really-wavy hair be all that it can be. My plan of action is:

+ Keep my hair as healthy as possible by using natural hair products and minimizing heat styling

+ Get regular trims every 10 weeks or so.

+ Don’t cut it all off. 

Here's how it looks now:




As I wrote before, I switched my shampoo and conditioner to Jason Biotin and I really love it. It smells great and my hair does feel a bit softer and look healthier (although I wouldn’t say the change is dramatic). About once a week I use Avalon Organics clarifying shampoo since we have crazy hard water. I also use *mostly* natural styling products, like Hugo Styling Gel. I still have a few products that aren’t natural and use them occasionally.

Unfortunately, I’m still heat styling my hair most days and it's going to stay that way. Guys, my hair just does not look professionally presentable if it air dries. And I don’t think there’s a styling product that can help me. My hair dries pretty fast since it’s not very thick so I at least try to let it air dry part-way or use a low setting on my hair drier for most of the drying. Occasionally I use a straightening iron (and I should probably get a better quality one).

I’ve been getting regular trims about every 10 weeks. I get the overall length trimmed a tiny bit and I get the layers trimmed (or “dusted” as my stylist says!) every other trim.

And so far I haven’t cut it all off.

My hair’s not short anymore but it’s not long either. It’s that in-between shoulder length, which I do not love. Hoping that by the end of the summer the layers will have caught up and it’ll all be one length! What a glorious day that will be.