Gearing Up for Summer Running
Goals - June 2012

Summer Series 5K #1


Well guys, I've got my work cut out for me this summer. I ran a 8:09 mile pace on Saturday! So much for pushing for the 8:30 pace this summer. I haven't been running with a watch lately which is why my estimate was so far off; I just judge the quality of my runs by how I feel. Guess I'm feeling better than I thought...and I think those spin classes are paying off too. I'm not positive but I think this is my 5K PR.

My pace was such a surprise to me because (of course) I forgot my watch on Saturday and the only clock at the race was at the start/finish line. When I crossed and saw my time I was really excited...and then thought, "Dang! I have to get faster?!" I definitely felt the pace though. I wastired afterwards and had pain in my shins for the next two days. Luckily no knee pain though! Yoga and icing will remain on my agenda.

The next race is June 10 so not that far away. Before then I'd love to fit in a couple of speed workouts, which I never do, but I think I'll need it! My goal remains to improve my pace, even if by a tiny bit. And I'd love to move up in the overall standings and within my age group. Bring it females age 24-29!