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We did a little happy dance this weekend because we hit $10,000 in our emergency savings account! We made a big leap from the $9,000 we had to $10,000 with the help of our tax return. I know there are different philosophies on tax returns but we prefer to elect higher withholdings so that we get more back in returns. We always put the majority of our return into savings whereas if our paychecks were bigger throughout the year I think that money would be more likely to be spent. It works for us so we’re sticking to it for... Read more →

The post you’ve been waiting for: an update on growing out my hair!! I know. I’ll give you a second to settle down. OK. So, it’s true. Still growing out my hair. I’m also growing out the layers that I used to wear so that my hair is one length (except for my bangs). I think that will help my fine, slightly-wavy-but-not-really-wavy hair be all that it can be. My plan of action is: + Keep my hair as healthy as possible by using natural hair products and minimizing heat styling + Get regular trims every 10 weeks or so.... Read more →

April was filled with lots of good stuff. The weather was fabulous. We: celebrated, ate meals outside, and made plans for some really fun summer travel. I: baked Joy's vegan pumpkin bread, added flowers to my weekly Trader Joe's shopping list, hiked at Lost Dutchman for the first time (finally!), and planted a few things in the garden - including marigold seeds shared from a sweet friend. I also attended a photography workshop at the Desert Botanical Garden and painted my office/sewing room. I'm pretty excited for May - Chris will be working much less and spending much more time... Read more →