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Dreaming of a Redesign

Organized: My Office

My office/sewing room in one of our spare bedrooms is far from done but it's nearly functional, which is all I really care about right now. Hooray!

But first we have to start at the beginning. It pains me to show you the before pictures because the room was embarrassingly messy. But let's get it over with so you can see the progress:

Before_from door


That's some real life folks. *shudder*

Let's (quickly) move on...

We made a lot of progress on cleaning out the room a month or so ago. We donated so much stuff; love getting rid of stuff we no longer need!

Stuff we got rid of

Then, two weekends ago, Chris was out of town and I made the final push to get the room COMPLETELY cleaned out. I also took the opportunity to remove the closet doors (!). It's something I'd wanted to do but Chris wasn't super keen on. But I was pretty sure knew he'd like it if he saw it. Luckily he did! (It probably would not be the best marriage advice to suggest that if your partner is against a decorating idea you should just do it while they're out of town...right? But I am 3 for 3 now...)

And then last weekend I did some painting! I had to use my non-SLR digital camera this afternoon so it makes the room seem a bit smaller and I'm not sure if the color will come though very true. But it's a light but bright yellow, just what I wanted. 

After_from door

After_from closet

My next project is to paint that Ikea desk! I'm thinking white across the top and outside but something fun and punchy underneath.

This one has a bonus vizsla! He would not move.


So excited for this room to keep coming together, and to organize the closet in a more visually appealing way. Can't wait to get working and crafting.

Happy weekend!