One More Week
Update: Growing out my hair

Goals - May 2012

Eating outside



April was filled with lots of good stuff. The weather was fabulous. We: celebrated, ate meals outside, and made plans for some really fun summer travel. I: baked Joy's vegan pumpkin bread, added flowers to my weekly Trader Joe's shopping list, hiked at Lost Dutchman for the first time (finally!), and planted a few things in the garden - including marigold seeds shared from a sweet friend. I also attended a photography workshop at the Desert Botanical Garden and painted my office/sewing room.

Pumpkin bread




I'm pretty excited for May - Chris will be working much less and spending much more time with me. Win.

I'm also hoping to fill my time with the following:

+ buy a Prius!! (probably the best monthly goal ever)

+ make a killer homemade margarita. Maybe the classic recipe in this month's Sunset or this grapefruit marg. Yum.

+ go to yoga once a week.

+ sew something.

+ organize the cabinets in the guest bathroom.

+ participate in the Blog 2.0 class.

+ start my Photoshop class.

Happy May!