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Summer Series 5K #1

Gearing Up for Summer Running


I’m not sure of the exact cause but I’ve gone from needing lots of motivation to go for a run to seriously looking forward to running. I’m running 2-3 times per week now, about 3 miles per run.It’s a very welcome change. It probably has to do with the longer days (I hate running in the dark), lack of IT band pain, my rockin’ iPod playlist, and being able to get into a more consistent routine now that Chris isn’t so busy. Whatever the cause, I’m hoping to stick with it.


To keep me motivated through the hot summer months I signed up for a 5K Summer Series, a total of 5-5Ks throughout the summer (although I can only run 4 since we’ll be in Missoula for the last one). To challenge myself, my goal is to get progressively faster at each race, even if by a tiny bit. My first 5K is tomorrow so I’ll set my baseline and hopefully get faster from there! I usually run about a 9:30 mile but I’d love to push it closer to 8:30 over the course of the summer. Watch out Olympics 2016!

As I’ve been running, spinning, and yoga-ing consistently I’m digging to the bottom of my drawer to make use of my full workout clothes stash. Which has reminded me that it's been awhile since I've bought any new workout clothes. I always find it hard to fork over the $40/$50/$60 for workout clothes! But I do wear the heck out of them and want pieces that can keep me cool and chaff-free. So I think it’s time to retire some old pieces and bring a few new ones into the mix.

Here’s what I’m thinking will be good additions as I gear up for summer running:

Sports bra



Wicking visor

To summer running!