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Dreaming of a Redesign

Guys, the blog design workshop I'm taking is amazing! If you currently use Typepad or would consider moving to Typepad I cannot recommend it enough. And Katie Price, you were right! I'm totally geeking out on coding and love it. It's like a fun math puzzle where the answers make pretty pictures. I love being able to customize to my heart's content. 

And you may have caught the hint, since the blog design course I'm taking is only for Typepad blogs rising/shining will (eventually) be moving! And I'm so excited. Right now I'm using Squarespace for my blog and although it's very customizable I'm just not finding it as easy to use as Typepad for the level of coding, etc that I understand. Just one day messing around with a Typepad blog and I was sold! 

Right now I'm hoping to work on the redesign through the summer and "move into" my new blog space in the fall. My photoshop class this summer could not come at a better time. But now that I have the redesign on my mind I feel so antsy. I'm having a lot of fun playing around with ideas and I'm just ready for a change up. I think the new space will reflect my personality even better than my current site and I also think it will be easier for you lovely readers to navigate.

Very excited to bring you a new look in the fall...stay tuned!