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A Craft Date

Muffins before

Muffins after

This weekend I hosted a morning of crafting at my house with two lovely girl friends. We each worked on a different project – knitting, sewing, and recipe organizing! For snacks I made a vegan version of Smitten Kitchen’s Perfect Blueberry Muffins (by using vanilla soy yogurt and adding a bit of almond milk instead of the egg). Holy cow, SO GOOD. And they didn’t betray their vegan-ness at all, they were just plain good. If you need a go-to weekend muffin recipe, this is it! For something to sip on, I used the leftover rosemary syrup that I made for our $10K cocktails and mixed it into grapefruit juice soda. I think I'll be stuck on that flavor combo for the foreseeable future...

My crafting project was another tag blankie. This one is for a co-worker who is very pregnant and should be off on maternity leave in the next couple of weeks! I made the ribbon loops a bit longer this time, maybe a bit too long, but oh well. I also forgot to trim the seams before I turned it right-side out - ugh. It’s always something! Luckily, this project is so forgiving and quick to whip up. I found the fabric at Joann’s, isn’t it great? I bought some extra because I think I might want to use it to make some cloth napkins or maybe even attempt a shirt (what?!).

Tag blankie

Tag detail

I loved having a set time to dedicate to a crafting project and it was fun to see what my friends were working on….plus we got to catch up and I had an excuse to bake. Craft date = win-win-win.