Austin and SXSW
Goals - April 2012

Two Years Ago

We got married - no foolin'! I love thinking back on our wedding, it was so fun and turned out even better than we'd hoped.

Even though we kept our wedding casual and relatively inexpensive it was still stressful to plan a wedding, especially since we weren't living in Austin, where our wedding was. But it seemed like as soon as we got in the car to go to the rehearsal dinner the weight of planning a wedding lifted off both Chris and me - there was no time left to plan anything. The only thing left to do was have a great time with family and friends...and to get married! And that's exactly what we did!

The night before our wedding we had a big rehearsal dinner at Mangia Pizza in downtown Austin. We had a buffet of salad, vegetarian pizzas, cookies, and beer and wine. It was the first time we were seeing all the family and friends that were gathering for out wedding and it all started to feel real, and really exciting!

Rehearsal dinner

The next morning two of my best girl friends from elementary school did my hair and makeup for me. The memory of being with the two friends that I've known the longest, laughing and getting ready for my wedding is a memory I really treasure from that day.

I wore Chris's mom's wedding dress, which was made for her by her mother! The sewing machine the dress was made on is the one I sew on now.


 Chris's brother became a Universal Life Minister so that he could marry us and he read the ceremony that we had written underneath the beautiful live oak trees at Mercury Hall in South Austin. When I look back on it I'm always surprised that I wasn't nervous at all that it would rain that day. It was spring time in Texas but somehow I just knew it would be sunny - and it was!


After the ceremony we had a lunch of veggie burgers and sides, a slideshow, and cake! A good friend of my parent's made our wedding cakes and decorated them. I purposefully asked her to make extras so that we could send everyone home with some to-go boxes of cake.


After cake we had lots of lawn games - frisbee (with our wedding favor frisbees!), soccer, bocce ball, and hula hooping.


Chris and I left around 4 PM and immediately headed to Sno-Beach where we got wedding cake flavored sno-cones!


That night we stayed at Hotel San Jose and after dinner at Magnolia Cafe and a cupcake from Hey Cupcake we met lots of friends in the Hotel San Jose courtyard for drinks and hanging out. I really loved the balance of spending time with family and friends and time just the two of us throughout the day.

The next morning we headed back to my parents house for a breakfast taco and bloody mary brunch. My parents had a taco truck pull up into their driveway, it was awesome!!

Taco truck

My uncles manned the bloody mary bar.

Bloody mary

Two of my aunts, in very much their style, surprised us with a piñata! Chris's brother was the first to break it.


It was really fun having the whole crowd at my parent's house, the house where I grew up. I loved that overwhelmingly awesome feeling of having so many people that you love and care about all together. It makes we want to have a big anniversary party one day to get everyone back together.

I hadn't intended to write more than a short post but going through pictures and thinking about our wedding weekend is so fun! I continue to feel so lucky to be married to my best friend. Chris is an amazing partner and wonderful friend. He can always make me laugh and I never get tired of talking to him, and he sweetly never gets tired of me talking ;) I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.