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Car Update Update

*Amendment: Is it so much to ask that my car has better gas mileage, cup holders, a gas tank that can be filled to the top, and a driver's side window. Ah, yes. I swiped my garage pass on my way into the parking structure this morning and then went to put my window up. It went all the way up...and then continued to go up. It came out of alignment and actually ended up at an angle so that it was outside of my car (if you can imagine it). This actually happened about 3 years ago and I... Read more →

Big news: I'm officially looking for a used Prius, something I've been dreaming of for years! On my second day of working at my new job the Volvo just died while I was sitting at a traffic light. One minute I was listening to NPR and sipping my coffee, the next I was sitting in a car that was NOT on and frantically looking for my hazard light switch. Thank goodness I wasn't on the highway yet! And luckily my car restarted and I was able to get it to a nearby parking lot. But it was very unsettling not... Read more →

Our laundry room is tiny. It's really just a short hallway from the garage into the house with an alcove just big enough for a side-by-side washer and dryer. We've also tucked our broom into the corner behind the garage door and keep the ironing board against the wall. There's one shelf above the washer and dryer where we can store things. But even though it's tiny, it sees a lot of traffic! We're coming and going to our cars and of course doing all our laundry. As a result, the shelf in the laundry room had become the catchall... Read more →

Every year during the fall I think that fall must be by favorite season. At the end of the long, hot summer I love the shorter days, the spiced pumpkin lattes, and getting out sweaters. But then spring hits and all the flowers and cacti start blooming, the longer days are a very welcome change, and I start getting excited for drinking iced tea, wearing shorts, and pool parties! And I start thinking that spring must be my favorite season. I think what I really love is the transition and all the associated seasonal things. And right now I am... Read more →

We got married - no foolin'! I love thinking back on our wedding, it was so fun and turned out even better than we'd hoped. Even though we kept our wedding casual and relatively inexpensive it was still stressful to plan a wedding, especially since we weren't living in Austin, where our wedding was. But it seemed like as soon as we got in the car to go to the rehearsal dinner the weight of planning a wedding lifted off both Chris and me - there was no time left to plan anything. The only thing left to do was... Read more →