Goals - May 2012

One More Week


One more week of the school semester. One more week of Chris teaching an evening class, working 7 days a week, and all the busyness in our lives and missing my husband that comes with that.

I definitely enjoy spending time alone and pursuing things independently. But this year, with Chris starting Chow Locally and working on the weekends, I've had more independent time than would be my ideal. But I am so proud of how hard Chris has worked. Last August, Chow Locally was a brand new business. Today they provide local produce grown right here in the Phoenix area to 175 customers per week (and growing!).  How amazing is that?! To go from nothing to providing a product that people love, that supports our local economy, and is healthy to boot. So proud.

Chris still works during the summer, teaching a class or two and working on research (and of course I work too!) but Chris's schedule is much, much more relaxed. He doesn't have back to back meetings and evening commitments. It's awesome and feels a lot like summer vacations of my school days. I really love the rhythm of semesters and summer vacation that we still have in our lives. And summer vacation is definitely the best part.

So it's just one more week - but a doozy. Chris will be working late every night except Thursday. Whew! It feels like we really have to work for summer vacation down to the last day.

Summer, I can't wait to hang out.